Are you tired of your local Adventist church as much as I am?

I have two really basic beliefs.

The first is that Adventism is a beautiful story that reveals who God is and what he is like. The second is that the local Adventist church - responsible for telling that story to the world - is failing.

I can't sit around and do nothing.

I also can't sit around and just complain all day. And I definitely can't bury my head in the sand and pretend like we don't have a problem. We do have a problem. A big one. And its reflected in the fact that our church is aging, our youth leaving, our evangelism efforts failing and our local church life dwindling into irrelevance and missional insignificance.

If you want to get technical here it goes. The data shows that 1 in 3 people leave the SDA church after being baptized in less than 3 years. That's 43 people lost for every 100 converts!

Let that sink in. Isn't it crazy?

And the fact that we know Jesus is coming soon forces me to ask, How can we continue to excuse our ineffectiveness? How can we, for one more day, even think to postpone the work God wants to do with us? It's time we jumped into the unknown and allowed God to do that radical thing with us he's been wanting to do all along.

So I decided to do something. It may not be big, but its a start.

I took everything I know about optimizing the local church for success and created a 7-day video course. In this course I confront the foundation of why our churches fail and I show you how simple it is to turn things around and begin building the kingdom of God.

Getting the course is easy. Simply subscribe below to get the entire 7-day course for free. It wont cost you anything but with it, you can begin the amazing journey of church optimization. 

Now in case you are wondering, church optimization is not the same as church growth. I don't really get into the church growth conversation. I think its a bad metric. I'm into church optimization which measures success by lives changed, not seats filled.

So here is what you can expect from the course:

  • Discover a simple 3-step process for transforming and reviving your church, your youth and your ministry teams.

  • Learn how to move your local Adventist church from dead to alive the easy way.

  • Uncover the number 1 reason why many local Adventist churches are failing - including those that are trying.

  • Discover the pathway for restoring relevance and fire to your local church.

  • Learn how to restructure your church leadership for success.

  • Inspire and retain your youth and make your church the kind of place they love to both be at and invite their friends to.

This entire course is both simple and easy. All you do is register below and then sit back as each of the videos arrives in your email every day for 7 days. Then, you take the material to your local church and share it with your leaders. Follow the steps outlined to begin the journey of optimizing your church for God's glory.

Jesus is coming soon. It's time we stopped dragging our feet as a church. We need to do something and we need to start now. So let's work together to make every Adventist church in the world the best version of themselves that they can be.




Enjoyed listening to this series - good material that I heartily agree with!
— Linley V.
Loving the online course! Really appreciate your taking time to break this down in a working model that is easy to move on! Blessings and thank you for doing what you do!!
— Michael B.
I love your energy and passion and I admire your work. It’s rare to find somebody so committed to the local church.
— Tihomir L.