What does PomoPastor mean?

Pomo is a nick-name for post-modern and pastor is... well you know what it is :). Because my passion is outreach to post-moderns, seculars and post-Christians the name PomoPastor just came to me as I was brainstorming a blog name.

What is this website for?

I believe the local Adventist church has a story to tell. Its my mission to optimize your church to tell that story. I do this by providing resources for local church optimization with a focus on the Adventist structure. My dream is for every local Adventist church in the world to be the best version of itself that it can be - changing lives and radically spreading the story of God.

Who are you exactly?

My name is Marcos Torres and I am a pastor in the Western Australia Conference. I am originally from New Jersey and graduated from Southern Adventist University before moving to Australia to do ministry. I am also a husband, father and a surprisingly good cook. And I like smoothies. A lot.

Why did you start this project?

In my personal experience as a lifelong Adventist, a member of the millennial generation and the data coming from various studies, it is clear that the local Adventist church is failing. Because I love Adventism, I don't want to see the churches fail. I want them to succeed. I want us to succeed. So rather than just point out statistics of how we are not doing well, I have decided to also create resources and opportunities for local Adventist churches to optimize their ministries so we can more effectively build the kingdom of God.

What is it about Adventism that you love so much?

For me, Adventism is a story that is not about itself. It is a story about God - who he is and what he is like. And having studied all the theological systems of thought in the Christian world (and many in the non-Christian world) I have concluded that there is no clearer, simpler and better understanding of God's character than what is found in a proper understanding of Adventisms narrative. So what I love about Adventism is its story. It's awesome.

What leads you to believe that you have the answer to the challenges local Adventist churches are facing?

I don't believe I have "the" answer if by that we mean some sort of system or process. In fact, I am not even convinced there is such a thing as "the" answer in that sense. What I believe is that I have "a" answer. But more than that, I have a passion and desire to continue to explore and learn. So this whole project isn't about me being some guru who has all the answers. It's about me searching and wrestling with the issues and sharing the nuggets I find along the way. 

Everything I share on this site comes from my experience, research and application. At the moment, I pastor two churches and we are implementing the very things I share on this site.

What kind of resources do you offer?

Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts, Newsletter, Books and a free online course. More to come.

Are you on social media?

Yes. See below.

How do I sign up for updates?

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Why is all the material on your site free?

I am creating some resources which will be paid resources in the future, but my objective is to equip and inspire. So if I don't have to charge for it, I don't.

Is PomoPastor an official ministry of the SDA church?

No. I am a pastor for the SDA church based in Australia but this website is not under the church. It is a personal project.

I subscribed to your emails but when they arrive, I don't see anything. It's a blank email. What's going on?

Some email hosts may be blocking the content for various reason. Click here and follow the instructions provided. If none of that helps, contact me.