3 Easy Hacks to Optimizing Your Local Adventist Church

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I believe the local Adventist church has a story to tell. A story about God's heart and soul - who he is and what he is like - that no one else is telling. And it's my passion to optimize the local Adventist church to tell that story effectively.

Imagine a world where every single local Adventist church was oozing relevance, authenticity and making a difference in its community? That world is my dream. And I want to make it a reality.

To quote One Direction, "Get out, get out, get out of my head and fall into my arms instead."

From dream to reality. From abstract thought to tangible experience. From not-a-thing to thing.

That is what pomopastor.com is all about. Every blog, podcast, book and course is designed to equip church members and leaders everywhere to optimize their local Adventist church for success. And we need to because if there is one painful reality that is apparent to us, its that the local Adventist church is failing.

So here are 3 simple steps to optimize your local Adventist church that you can do right now.

1. Discover why you exist.

Most Adventist churches have no idea why they exist. If you split the leadership team up and ask each of them individually why their local church exists you will get a different answer from all of them. Without a clarity of why, your church will always wander around like a lost puppy. You need a clear answer to the question, "Why do we exist?"

2. Redefine your church's structure for mission.

Adventist church structure looks like this:

Business Meeting

Board Meeting

Elders, Deacons, Clerk, Treasurer, Ministry Leaders

The business meeting is the most powerful meeting at the church and every member has a voice. The board is composed of leaders elected by the members to lead and is the second most powerful. And the teams at the bottom are all elected to nurture, support and lead in specific areas of ministry. At each level, the objective is to make the mission of the church (its "why") a reality. But when a church doesn't have a why all of the levels in the structure turn inward. Rather than mission, they become maintenance-focused. Your church's entire structure needs to be redefined for the "why" so that each level can once again function for the accomplishment of the mission, not just for maintenance.

3. Adapt church communication for mission.

The final step is to adapt the way your church communicates for mission. Your website, social medial, marketing, cleanliness, professionalism and service needs to be geared toward mission. This involves lots of tweaking, experimenting and innovating. It can also involve some difficult decisions about style and culture. But it has to be done.

You might be thinking, dude you said this would be easy and this stuff isn't easy. And you are right. And because I know that I have gone ahead and done something wild. I actually created a free 7-day Church Optimizer's Online video course that breaks each of these steps down into a simple illustration and walks you through exactly how to apply them to your local church. Whether you are a pastor or church member, this course is designed to help get you started on the journey toward optimizing your local Adventist church. Because at the end of the day, optimization is always easier than failure.

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Pastor Marcos is a millennial Adventist pastor with a passion for Jesus, the narrative of Adventism and the relevancy of the local Adventist church. He pastors in Western Australia where he lives with his wife and children. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.