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Welcome to Pomopastor.com, a project designed to inspire and equip local Adventist churches to become world-changing movements that radically impact lives for Jesus.

The inspiration behind this project is two simple beliefs:

First, that the story of Adventism is beautiful, unique and needs to be told to the entire world. 

Second, that the local Adventist church responsible for communicating that story, is failing.

In 2013 the Adventist church held its first ever member retention summit. The results were sobering. The data revealed that from 1960 onward 30 percent or 1 in 3 people were leaving the church after being baptized, in less than 3 years. The precise ratio was 43 people lost for every 100 converts.
— Adrian Zahid, The Compass Magazine
Unfortunately, very few [Adventist] church leaders are skilled in strategic leadership. In a recent division-wide survey... pastors rated their preparedness to do strategy dead last... As a result, the work suffers from fragmented efforts, botched opportunities, and poor accountability.
— Paul Brantley, Dan Jackson & Mike Cauley, "Becoming a Mission-Driven Church"
We are living in one of the fastest periods of change in human history and the local Adventist church is in danger of becoming irrelevant, even outdated. The local church is at a crossroads and needs to reinvent itself to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.
— Kayle B De Waal, "Mission Shift"

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Pomopastor.com exists to train, inspire and "inskill" Adventist pastors, administrators, and members to transform their local churches into relevant communities of faith that make a real difference!


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