From "done-with-church-teenager" to leader and pastor.

By the time I was in my early teens, I had joined the ranks of the typical teenager who was officially done with the Adventist church. I was uninterested, rebellious and disconnected from the whole thing. After a personal encounter with God, things began to change in my life but all was not easy. A lack of authentic, vibrant church culture not only made my faith journey harder, it also proved to be the greatest obstacle to reaching my own friends for Christ.

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Years later, after having served 4.5 years in the Army, I travelled to Southern Adventist University in Tennessee to study theology and from there, God led me and my family to Australia where I now pastor two churches in the Western Australian Conference.

By combining my experience as a "done-with-church-teen", the many leadership lessons I learned as an Army sergeant and the person of Jesus, I now seek to lead the Adventist church to become a place where members and seekers can discover meaning, relevance and movement. And that is what PomoPastor is all about: How to Reignite your local Adventist church.
What would it be like to have a church that is vibrant in its faith, relevant to its culture and holistic in its God-story? 
What would it be like to have a church that is vibrant in its faith, relevant to its culture and holistic in its God-story? A church that is less institutional and more "movemental"? What would it be like for Adventist churches everywhere to be designed, from the ground up, for mission, discipleship and authentic connections? 

What does it take to reach our youth? How can we be the kind of church that makes a difference? What are the simple and practical steps that can lead us toward becoming relevant and sacred spaces in our broken neighborhoods? How does the story Adventism tells meet humanity where it is? These are the kinds of questions I like to explore on a weekly basis here on the blog and also on my Facebook page where I host live videos (like the one above) and weekly reflections.

My greatest desire is to give Adventist church leaders (pastors, elders, youth leaders etc.) everywhere the tools to transform their local churches from the kinds of communities filled with "done-with-church-teenagers" and ineffective ministries to active disciple making movements that ooze contagious faith, cultural intimacy and an authentic, personal God.