A Dialogue on Music

OK so this thing here is like super old but I just had the chance to have a look at it and thought it was a pretty good dialogue on the issue of music. The dialogue begins with Eugene Prewitt sending David Asscherick and email regarding some comments on music David had made at a recent Adventist gathering. From there the conversation continues for a total of about 70 pages. Eugene presents thoughts and perspectives on the issue of music often held by those who have a more traditional/ conservative persuasion whereas David presents the moderate/ centrist angle on the issue. Over all, it is a good, healthy conversation that will prove a blessing to anyone digging into this issue.

You can download the PDF directly by clicking the link below:


Also, if you haven't read the latest installment of the "Raw Church Movement" series, check it out as I share some thoughts on the "Worship Wars" that connect well with this dialogue. You can check it out here.

You can also check out other articles I have written on the issue of music and worship here.

And check out the free ebook below written by a good friend of mine, Steve Ferguson.


  1. lol- this "healthy" conversation is unbelievable. Talk about Satan getting our eyes off of Christ. Let's debate stuff like this...and not use a single Biblical reference to boot. Classic adventism

    1. I agree that the music wars are a waste of time but the fact remains that many people, both within and outside of Adventism, continue to struggle with the issue to the point that congregations are divided and church leaders are vilified over the issue. like it or not, it needs to be addressed. as far as biblical references - its hard to quote the bible when it doesnt say anything on the issue of worship styles.

      Now it seems to me that you are not very fond of Adventism. May I ask why?


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