The Only You (part 3)

Now I know what some of you are thinking because I have heard this before. You are thinking, Dude, that sounds so cool. I mean, I want that to be real in my life. But here's the problem. That's not how the real world works. The Bible may teach it and it may be true but in the real world no body cares that God loves me so while it sounds good, that's just not how I'm treated in the real world.

Real world? What in the world are you talking about? What do you mean "real world"?

I met with a guy the other week who is Australian. And he really likes an African girl. In his heart he knows that God regards no difference between white and black. He knows that biblically speaking there is no distinction and no reason why he should not pursue this relationship. But then he said this to me, "That's what God thinks. But the real world doesn't work that way. So I don't know what to do."

Same argument. And here is my response. In the New Testament, the church had a really interesting message. They didn't just walk around telling people to believe in Jesus and they would be saved. No. Their message was much more radical. You see, in the Roman empire the Ceaser was regarded as king and god. And the Roman empire was also a very pluralistic empire. you were allowed to believe whatever you wanted. And if the Christians had gone around telling people to believe in Jesus and they would be saved no one would have ever bothered them. But that's not all they said. Instead, they ran around declaring that the Emperor was not king and he was not God. They refused to burn incense to him because, after all, he was not king or god. And as a result the Christians were persecuted arrested and killed. It wasn't for their faith in Jesus that they died. it was because they refused to separate their faith from the real world.

As Christians we have this really weird distinction between church and the "real world". It's like, here is what the church believes and here is what the "real world" believes. And we will talk and worship and believe here, but when we go back out into the "real world" we will take our faith and put it on a shelf somewhere. We will co-exist with what the world believes out there and then, once a week, we will come back to our little club and talk about what we believe again. Then, as we exit we will bury it somewhere again until the next church service.

What kind of nonsense is that? No wonder so many people think church has no relevance to life. Because what we say and do here has nothing to do with what happens out there. Not for the NT Christians. No way. What they said and did in church was not buried during the week. It was proclaimed. It was lived out. For the NT church there was no such thing as the church and the "real world". The church was the real world. And for them there was the real world of Gods truth and the deluded world under Satan's control. And they refused to bury the truth when they went back out into the deluded world. Instead they defiantly proclaimed Ceaser is not king, he is not God, Jesus is kind. And it got them killed.

So don't give me this "That's what God thinks but the real world is different". This is the real world. Everything else is under the spell of Satan and we should not live timidly in darkness. We must shine the light and declare everywhere we go, this is truth.

You were created for love, a king and queen that lives and breathes to receive the fullness of the creator. That's the only truth there is. Everything else is a lie.

Last year I met with a young man who felt worthless and useless. When he compared himself to others he determined that he wasn't as good as they were. And he insisted that God could not love him because he just was not good enough. I challenged him with what I have shared here, and more. In the end he looked at me as tears streamed down his face and asked, "Do you really believe that?" Of course I do. And I still believe it today. And I declare it now, be grateful for the goodness of God in your life. Embrace his unutterable love for you for it is for this that you exist.


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