Issues Facing Adventism

This post was originally the "Issues" page on Jesus, Adventism and I. Since the site is in the middle of a transition toward pomopastor the "Issues" page will no longer be necessary. However, I decided to post it as a blog post for those who found the contents interesting. The links below deal specifically with issues facing Adventism. Some are raised by critics and others by "concerned Adventists" who are often critics in disguise. I hope the links below provide some helpful answers for those studying these topics.

A Fresh Examination of Issues Facing Adventism

Adventists and Ecumenical Conversation

Is the General Conference Involved in Ecumenism?

Seventh-day Adventists and the Ecumenical Movement

A Sola Scriptura Approach to Women's Ordination

An Evaluation of the 2520 Prophecy

Do The Levitical Health Laws Still Apply?

Is Wearing a Wedding Band Wrong?

History and Issues Regarding Last Generation Theology

Ellen White's Contribution to Adventist Doctrine

What Jesus Said About the Investigative Judgment

Is the Investigative Judgment Biblical?

Unmasking Legalism

Good News About the Time of Trouble

How Perfect is Perfect?

The Close of Probation and Sinless Perfection

The Human Nature of Christ

Is Rhythm Wrong For Christian Music?

The Christian and Rock Music

Music for Contemporary Christians: What, Where, and When?

Was Ellen White Against Contemporary Christian Music?

Is Adventism a Non-Christian Cult?

Is the Genesis Creation Account Literal?

Should Adventists Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas: Pagan or Christian?

Ellen G. White Statements Related to the Observance of Christmas

Should Adventists Keep the Jewish Feast Days?

Is it OK for Christians to Drink Alcohol in Moderation?

Was Christ Crucified on Friday or Wednesday?

What Adventists Owe Other Christians

Does God Punish?

Did Christ Have A Beginning?

Why the Trinity Matters

The Holy Spirit - Person or Force?

Did Ellen White Believe in the Trinity or Not?

Do Women Have to Be Silent In Church?

Who Are the Shepherds Rod?

How Authoritative are the Writings of Ellen White?

Suggested Sources to Respond to Representations Made in the Video "Seventh-day Adventism, the Spirit Behind the Church"

Was Ellen G. White a Plagiarist?

Was Ellen G. White a Legalist?

Troubling Statements of Ellen White

Should SDA Pastors Collaborate with Pastors of Other Denominations? (Ellen Whites Counsel)

Ellen G. White Answers - Answering Questions and Critics

The Textus-Receptus and Modern Bible Translations

Which Bible Version Can We Trust?

Is Phony Theology the Result of "New" Bible Translations?

What is the Seventh-day Adventist Reform Movement?

The Theology of the 1888 Message Study Committee - Truth or Error?

Does God Care About "Numbers"?

Should Adventists Entertain Conspiracy Theories?

Ellen White and Conspiracy Theories

Watching the Signs of the Times Vs. Conspiracy Theorizing

The Not So Secret Society of Conspiracy Adventism

Is Pleasure "Forbidden" On The Sabbath?

Near Death Experiences: How Should Christians Relate to Them?

Is The "New World Order" Theory Part of Adventisms Message?
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