Farewell Jesus, Adventism, and I

After nearly 3 years of Jesus, Adventism, and I it is time to say goodbye. Yes. I know. How sad. But the nature of a faith journey is that it is just that: a faith journey. Journeying through faith implies movement. You will not always remain where you are. One day you are here, and the next day you are somewhere else. Jesus, Adventism, and I focused primarily on my faith journey within Adventism. Having grown up in a strict and legalistic Adventist context demanded that I come face to face with questions about the church I loved. In the end, I discovered a biblically sound and incomparably beautiful faith - one that continues to enthrall me. That journey is what this blog has been primarily about to this day. As I have learned the true beauty of Adventism I have also endeavored to clarify the misunderstandings about our faith that continue to be promoted within our church (by ultra-conservatives and the like) and outside of our church (by critics and anti-Adventist crusaders). This blog is thus replete with articles and links to help clarify those misunderstandings and celebrate the beauty of the Adventist faith.

However, my sojourn within Adventism, while an ongoing phenomenon, is no longer at the forefront of my journey. With many of my doubts settled Jesus has now brought me to Australia and beginning in 2015 I enter full time ministry as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor. My passion and calling is outreach and evangelism to the secular, skeptical, anti-God and heavily post-modern world that Australia is and I am excited. I believe with all my heart that the story Adventism tells, is exactly what this post-modern culture is looking for.

So what will become of Jesus, Adventism, and I? Three things:

1) The current blog with all the articles, videos, links etc. will remain, however the website is being renamed and revamped to capture the next phase of my faith journey. Since this phase involves the discovery and struggle to reach the post modern world I have chosen to rename this site pomopastor (po-mo's being a nick name for post-moderns).

2) While the original content will remain and Adventist issues still be dealt with such themes will, for the most part, take the back seat. The primary content and issues I will blog about in the future will deal with the relevancy of Jesus, ministry, and evangelism to post-moderns. As such, this website will appeal to more than just Adventists for it will be wrestling with practical outreach issues felt in every denomination. In that sense, the scope of the site will go beyond Adventism while still celebrating its uniqueness and beauty.

3) While the name of the website will be pomopastor.com this does not imply that I am the poster boy post-modern pastor. In fact, I know hardly nothing with regard to reaching this culture for Christ. It is my hope that this website, which will chronicle my experiences, becomes a resource and encouragement for all who are struggling to reach a seemingly unreachable generation.

With that said, I would like to extend a huge thanks to all of my readers and those who have lovingly challenged me over the years (especially you Teresa! - hugs! - ). I invite you to continue to interact with this page and to keep me in your prayers. 

On to the next chapter!

Farewell Jesus, Adventism, and I

Its been fun. 

photo credit: Abdulrahman BinSlmah via photopin cc