The Southern Baptist Church Rejects "Heaven is for Real" for "Theological Reasons"

Its cool to see that the Southern Baptist churches are not falling for the "Near Death Experience" stories that are being published left and right. At a recent convention they affirmed "'the sufficiency of Scripture regarding the afterlife' and criticized best-selling movies and books that have focused on heaven and suggested descriptions of it." "'Many of these books and movies have sought to describe heaven from a subjective, experiential source, mainly via personal testimonies that cannot be corroborated,' they said."

And "[i]n the same session where the resolution was passed, a messenger asked that 'Heaven Is for Real' be removed 'for theological reasons' from LifeWay Christian Stores, which are affiliated with the SBC." As an Adventist I have consistently opposed these books for their theological errors, and its nice to see that the Southern Baptist church agrees despite their differing views on the immortality of the soul.

To read the article which cites these developments, as well as other issues covered at the SB convention click here.


  1. Catholics do not endorse it either because of theological reasons.

  2. Do you know off the top of your head what those issues were? The SBC report didn't actually say. Just curious!


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