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Enigma (part 1): A Heart that Burns for the Post-Moderns

photo credit: Keoni Cabral via photopin cc

Since coming to Australia I have become more aware of the challenges the church is facing in reaching the secular post-modern culture. For those who don't know, the challenges in reaching post-moderns with Christianity are numerous, but perhaps the main challenge is the rejection of absolute truth. How do you communicate Jesus-truth to a culture that rejects the existence of truth?  The questions are many, and the answers are few. 

But we continue to reach for an answer. We reach for an answer because we believe that Christianity is more than an intriguing cultural icon. We seek for an answer because we believe that Christianity is more than a fascinating story, more than a worldview, and more than another religious system among the myriads. Christianity is truth, and although the culture mocks the declaration, those who know it cannot help but predicate it. Jesus is real. He can be experienced and he can be known. But telling the world about Jesus is not simply about inviting them into a marvelous relationship with God - its about leading them to the only source of satisfaction, peace, and eternal life. The human soul cannot straddle the fulcrum of Christ. We must all answer the question of his indirect executioner, the infamous Pontius Pilate, when he asked "What will I do with Jesus?" Try as we may, life does not permit us to avoid that question, and the answer to that question is the only answer that has eternal implications. So it matters to me. It matter to us. Telling others about Jesus goes far beyond any religio-ambitious goals for this temporary world. Telling others about Jesus is about introducing them to a personal constant whose friendship will literally alter the course of their mortality. 

Oh, if only the skeptics could see it! If only the disillusioned and doubting could catch a glimpse of this fire! It consumes to the inward and burns deeper than bone. It takes over every impulse and thought and emotion. That one more may know Jesus, that is the all of life, for his love flows through me and it does not relent.


  1. Marcos, I feel your pain.
    I have spent a lot of years discussing religion with young people (anyone under thirty) and I think I have a good take on a little bit of the problem. The talk among the theologians is that young people don't want truth they want an experience. I disagree. They do want truth. They just don't want baloney presented as truth.

    So many kids grew up with idiot, self-centered parents who called themselves Christians, but experimented with drugs, sex, rock and roll and maybe even divorced. Kids are broken because they see no Christian heroes out there who are wise and honorable and MATURE! They claim religion but the kids see no power of Christ to change lives. The kids are not stupid, they want EVIDENCE to convince them that Christianity is truth and the truth is WORTH it.

    Young people WANT to do the hard thing, to be a hero and sacrifice. Hey they are out there promoting global warming and other things that don't have to do with religion. They are sold out, just not for the right things. What we need to do is SHOW them that Christianity works. They need to see saints, not just sinners who brag they are forgiven. They want to see holiness in action. Then they will believe in absolute truth. (Teresa)

  2. Right on Teresa! Have you read my other post "Discovering the Edge"? It basically repeats what you just said! lol. Here is the link:

    I love the quote "They need to see saints, not just sinners who brag they are forgiven." Would you be willing to elaborate on that a little bit and send me what you write? Id love to have an article on that as a guest post for my next series :)

  3. We lived for a few years right near Mt. Rainier in Washington and weekly or a couple times a week would go up there and hike. We met many young people who (for some reason, in that natural environment) opened up their hearts to us and told us their stories. Maybe they felt safe there knowing they would never see us again.

    Almost ALL of them had been raised in Christianity and almost all of them rejected it. I didn't needed to ask why because it came out in the stories of heartbreak: divorced parents, unfaithful parents, cowardly parents, abandonment of parents. Those examples of Christianity told them that Christianity was a failure. The followers of Jesus "brag" that they are saved on bumper stickers and in sermons and excuse their utter selfishness with the get-out-of-jail-free card of "I'm forgiven." They don't care how their sins wounded their children, they were forgiven and clung to the first part of Christ's words, "I do not condemn you."

    However, they closed their ears after that. They didn't believe or walk in faith with the "go and sin no more…" part. They want the easy yoke without the taking up your cross daily.

    Please don't misunderstand, I am NOT speaking about the power of the Cross to save at the final judgment. I am NOT speaking of a works-righteousness. I am speaking of the power of the cross to save us from our sins NOW! Our children need us to be holy NOW. That is what the world needs to see in Christians. And all they are getting is the excuse of victimhood…. the Christians failure to be freed from sin. And that simply makes no impact on the world.

    The church should be full of sinners who are BECOMING saints. (Yes, we are all technically saints at the moment we become Christians), but the power of God's sanctifying grace is never tapped because it is hard! That is the taking up the cross daily. We don't do that to be saved, we do it because we are following Christ. And THAT is why young people want an experience. Words no longer mean anything, no matter how much anyone insists they are "truth." Truth should WORK!! Truth shouldn't fail…..

    I think that is a better explanation of what I meant.

  4. Wow! Excellent points Teresa! I am going to share this (with your permission) as a guest post on my blog and will also quote it extensively in my new blog series on Postmodernism and outreach (starting next week). Powerful thoughts!


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