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Below is the update on The Record Keeper's official Facebook page. All I can say is, praise God!


The Record Keeper post-production and planning continues...

The General Conference is not considering stepping away from The Record Keeper project. The final stages of post-production, including writing of the original musical score, special effects, reviews of media and support material continues, albeit at a more deliberate pace.

The General Conference would like to thank those who have participated in the outpouring of support and encouragement for The Record Keeper. From its beginnings The Record Keeper has been an unprecedented initiative with the aim of engaging society in a conversation about issues of eternal significance.

Using the backdrop of Biblical stories and insight from the writings of Ellen White, the story creatively tells the battle between good and evil and the destiny of the universe through the lens of the imagined angelic characters.

Disputes over the character and justice of God that are as relevant today as when the questions were first posed in heaven, take center stage in the drama.

The feedback that we have received, particularly from young adult members of the church who express excitement about sharing this story with their friends, has helped us to see that The Record Keeper will not only have an important role outside of the church as originally intended, but inside of the church as well.

Although there is some history of Seventh-day Adventist ministries successfully using dramatic narratives (i.e. Westbrook Hospital) it remains a relatively unused form. The challenges that we currently face have less to do with production than with marketing – what should be the release strategy for a product designed with a specific demographic in mind.

With these challenges in mind we are stepping back from our previously announced timeline.

The producers of The Record Keeper and the leadership of the General Conference look forward to announcing additional plans as they are developed.

God bless,

Williams Costa Jr
Communication Director, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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