Southern & Andrews React to the Recordkeeper

Save The Record Keeper!

The Record Keeper is in danger of being shut down. The completed series is just waiting to be released, but there are some who would rather it not see the light of day.

That would be a travesty. Help show them that this is an important project to you personally and that it must not be hindered.

Get Involved: Mass numbers of support are needed -- send an email with the subject line: 'The Record Keeper' and explain why we need this in our church.

We have to do something bold and beautiful to reach people today. The Record Keeper is precisely that.

Williams Costa, Executive Director of General Conference communications, is collecting letters of support.

Email him at:

Below are the reactions of Southern Adventist University and Andrews University students and faculty after screening The Record Keeper.




The Record Keeper (Trailer & Pilot Episode)