My New Years Resolution: Stop Playing Church

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When Jesus invited his disciples he said, "follow me and I will make you fishers of men." There is a simple yet profound truth in this text: following Jesus means he will make you a soul winner. This truth then begs the question, Am I really following Jesus? You see, Jesus didn't say "follow me and I will make you a happy person." He didn't say, "follow me and I will solve all of your problems." He didn't say "follow me and I will take you to church each weekend." He never said, "follow me and I will teach you theology, help you memorize tons of Bible verses, and give you a great religion." He said, "follow me and I will make you fishers of men."

Following Jesus is simple. You do what he did. And what did he do? He lived according to the law of love. He fed the poor. He visited the sick. He loved the ostracized. He welcomed the outcasts. He gave hope to the broken and he healed the sick. If Jesus were here in the flesh today and we followed him, where would he go? Sure he would go to church on Sabbath - he did that when he was on earth as well. But he would also go to the cancer wards, the children's hospitals, the soup kitchens, the homeless shelters. He would go to the homes of the needy, the abandoned, and the addicted. He would reach out to the strippers and the prostitutes, the pimps and the pornographers, the drunks and the bingers. And if we want to experience Jesus, if we want to know him more, we need to go where he would go. We have to be where he is.

However, more often than not we settle for the same old, same old. Two hours of church on Sabbath morning and then we are done. Sure we read our Bibles, we talk about religion, and we may even get upset when someone insults Christianity but we aren't following Jesus. Following Jesus is about going where he would go and doing what he would do. It's time I stopped playing church and started following Jesus. That's my new years resolution. I invite you to join me.
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