Does LOL Really Stand for "Lucifer Our Lord"?

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Lol. It is an acronym that all texter's and internet chatters know and love. Most of us probably use the abbreviation 9,453,627 times a day. Lol is, without question, more famous than Justin Beibers mug shot, but unlike Bieber, lol is not smiling much these days. According to Facebook posts floating around lol is really a Satanic abbreviation for "Lucifer Our Lord" which, if and when it is used, endorses the powers of hell. Christians are therefore kindly and lovingly urged to discontinue the use of this deceptive acronym lest they be found guilty of participating in Luciferian propaganda.

Now of course, most of you are probably reading this and thinking, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. You may even be wondering why I would bother writing an article about something so absurd and nonsensical. After all, isn't the world full of these kinds of fanatical claims? So why bother writing an article about this one? The answer is simple. It's fun.

But sitting back on my laptop and having a good time writing an article about the demonic snare of lol is not the only reason. The second reason is simple. According to Fred Clark, author of "'LOL stands for Lucifer Our Lord' and other lies told by the deluded self-righteous", the idea that lol is an endorsement of Satan is "not true, and no one is really stupid enough to believe it’s true..."[1] However, this statement is not entirely accurate. While the charge is indeed false, the idea that no one will believe it is not entirely true. Many people will believe it and we cannot simply declare them "stupid" because they do. There are countless people who, in their innate desire to honor God with every aspect of their lives, will take these claims seriously. And not only these claims, but countless other claims floating around. Our responsibility as Christians is to lead, not insult, those who are easily derailed by these spectacular claims. And that is truly the reason why I am writing this article.

So what exactly is this whole thing about? It all boils down to an image being circulated around the internet with the following claim:

BEWARE: Stop using the abbreviation “LOL.” “LOL” stands for “Lucifer our Lord.” Satanists end their prayers by saying “Lucifer our Lord,” in short, “LOL.” Every time you type “LOL” you are endorsing Satan. Do not use “LOL” ever again! Keep Satan out of your life. Share this advice to Christians.[2]

There are a number of problems with this claim. First of all, the author presents no evidence that Satanists end their prayers by saying "Lucifer our Lord." He simply claims they do. This is a classic symptom of sensational and unfounded conspiracy theories. Many people read this and believe it is true simply because the author claims its true, but without any real evidence there is no reason to take it seriously. I can just as easily claim that Christians should use the phrase lol because it stands for "Lord our Light" or "Lord of Love" and by using it we are promoting Christianity, but such a claim would be absurd. Interestingly enough, a Satanist commenter named YankeeRose responded to this allegation by stating, "I'm a Satanist, and I didn't know!..."[3] Apparently YankeeRose's priest never taught him to end his prayers to Satan with lol. "Other sarcastic comments on Reddit repurposed 'swag' to mean 'Satan's wishes are granted,' 'ROFL' [rolling on the floor laughing] as 'rise, our father Lucifer,' and 'BRB' [be right back] as 'Beelzebub rules below.'"[4]

It is also important to remember intent. "To the vast majority of people, 'LOL' simply means 'Laughing out Loud' and is a shorthand method of expressing that the user found something in a post amusing. While acronyms such as LOL could stand for many things, the intent of the user is what is important."[5] As Martin Weber once wrote, "Just because we say its Monday today doesn‟t mean we worship the moon. And just because the Dorcas leader wears a wedding ring doesn‟t mean she‟s a pagan prostitute."[6] When I use the acronym lol my intent is to say that I found something humerus and nothing more. The same is true for the vast majority of the public.

The second problem with this claim is that even if Satanists do in fact end their prayers by saying "Lucifer our Lord" (which there is no evidence of) that has absolutely nothing to do with the abbreviation lol. The fact that both phrases can be abbreviated the same way is no proof that they are linked to one another. According to the article, "What Are Some Common Abbreviations Used in Text Messaging?" on, lol simply stands for "laughing out loud" or "lots of love."[7] This is also the way the culture uses the acronym. To suggest that there is a link between lol and the supposed way in which Satanists end their prayers simply because they can be abbreviated the same way requires a fallacious logical leap.

The third problem with this concept is the allegation that every time you type lol you are endorsing Satan. To endorse means to "give support or one's approval to." [8] In other words, lol is Satanic propaganda. Every time you use it you are supporting and approving of demonism. This is a very high claim and if true, would certainly be reason enough for Christians to discontinue the use of lol. However, once again, the claim is sensational and ridiculous. First of all, if the claim were true then Satan is receiving more propaganda than ever because the so called warning to not use lol itself uses the acronym a total of 5 times. In addition, if Satan wanted to be promoted through the acronym lol he has done a very lousy job. By allowing lol to become nothing more than an abbreviated way of telling your friends that you are currently "laughing out loud" Satan has failed in his willy marketing attempt.

The fourth problem with this claim is the idea that if you stop using the acronym lol you will keep Satan out of your life. This amounts to nothing more than mere superstition. To think that using the phrase lol invokes the power of the demonic over your life is no different to thinking that having a black cat in your house will summon the powers of bad luck over your family. Superstition, "an irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear",[9] has no place in Christianity for Christ promises to give us wisdom (Jam. 1:5) and a spirit of fearlessness (2 Tim. 1:7). Thus Don Batten, author of "Superstition VS Christianity", could say, "research shows that Christian faith counters superstitious thinking...".[10] author Brett M. Christensen said it best in his article "Absurd Warning - 'LOL' stands for 'Lucifer Our Lord'":

To suggest that the simple act of writing the letters LOL - even when you MEAN "laughing out loud" - somehow endorses or empowers some mythical supernatural entity, be it supposedly good or evil, is superstitious nonsense of mind boggling inanity. This claim is akin to other such wide-eyed nonsense that also circulates cyberspace, including the belief that the Monster Energy Drink logo incorporates the mark of Satan or that entertainer Lady Gaga is actually Satan's daughter.[11]

The fifth, and in my opinion, worst problem with this claim is that it is aimed at Christians and intimates that if you do not follow the "advice" it gives then you are not being a faithful Christian. This is both sickening and enraging to me. There are countless believers who are weak in faith, easily swayed by the opinions and assertions of others, who in their innocent desire to honor God will take these claims seriously. The worst part is when these people are parents and forbid their kids from ever texting lol again. Can you imagine? "I don't text lol because my mother/father told me its Satanic." Not only will that set your child up for ridicule but it will plant unnecessary seeds of discontent with Christianity as a whole. Children raised with this kind of irrational religion often grow up to despise the very concept of God. Those whose religion is characterized by conspiracy theories, irrational/superstitious beliefs, fanaticism and extremism set themselves and their families up for either spiritual burnout or legalistic religion. Thankfully true Christianity has nothing to do with such ridiculous "reformations" but with an intimate love-relationship with God. 

Do you want to keep the devil out of your life? Do you want to be faithful to God? Love people. That's how we do it. We love like Jesus loved. We visit the sick, the prisoners, the broken, and the lonely. We call the forgotten, write a letter to the heart broken, and cook a meal for the weary. We give water to the thirsty and clothes to the naked. And we may even send a funny text message to a friend who is depressed in order to lighten up their day. Who knows? They may even reply with a hearty, lol.

Further Reading

[2] ibid.

Common Internet Abreviations

Many of the common abbreviations used in text messaging are shortened versions of expressions, such as AAMOF for "as a matter of fact" IMHO for "in my humble opinion," or PLMK for please let me know." Other common terms include:

BBS: Be back soon
BBT: Be back tomorrow
BIB: Boss is back
CM: Call me
CYE: Check your email
DIKU: Do I know you?
F2F: Face to face
HB: Hurry back
JFF: Just for fun
KOTC: Kiss on the cheek
LOL: Laugh out loud or Lots of love
OMG: Oh my God!
OOTO: Out of the office
PSOS: Parents standing over shoulder
PU: That stinks!
SLAP: Sounds like a plan
TMB: Text me back
TXT: Text
UGTBK: You’ve got to be kidding

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  1. Thank you for writing this article, I just saw the post on Facebook and was confused on whether I should use the term or not. I also love the fact that you used Biblical resources and evidence! May GOD Bless you and may HIS peace guard your heart and mind in CHRIST JESUS (Philippians 4:7)!!!

    1. Ok so I'm a teen and I was told that lol was demonic so I stop using it then I look up why it's demonic I read this and now I'm so confused please help

    2. What are you confused about?

    3. Fundamentalism has torn my family apart. I don't understand what happens in the head of a kind and rational human being who suddenly starts demonising even the most innocent of things. Thank you for helping us realise that being a Christian does not mean being a cuckoo clock.

  2. Oh I see! Lots of people do not know this!

  3. It's what ever you declare it to be
    For me is just laughing out loud because thats how I feel or lots of love.

    1. You see it's deeper than that. You already have 2 different views about it. Yes lots of us did not know it and the moment you know you should think about it and make a sound decision on your actions and believes. At the end it's everyone who must decide for themselves

  4. thank you very much
    I am realy understand

  5. This is absurdity, use cannot endorse powers of hell unless you speak things that's demonic into existence such as sin. We have to watch we say for the most because that is what God judge us by.

  6. This is absurdity and ignorant to say abbreviations can infuse powers from hell is a lie. That's just like saying JESUS mean Just Empower Satan Utilities Speedily ex. which is only confusing to those seeking the Lord. Only way we enable powers of hell into our lives is by our words we speak by tongue. God judges our words, and lol can mean laugh out loud which I love to say in expression. Singing secular songs is a prime example because we sing sin into our lives, but gospel music only praises God and embrace our situations. That's what we have to watch what we say/sing, but for the most part if the enemy is present and we speak curses or sing sin into our lives that's when temptation is present but you ppl go to far with this bull crap end it please and stop contradicting the word of God with these manipulating lies your probably not even a Christian whoever you are to present speculative information like this.

  7. we speak ignorantly of things we dont know of most tiMes. I believe that as Christians we must try our best not to use LOL. wrong is wrong and i believe that it is wrong and you r endorsing satanic behaviors.

  8. welp, is good to see someone is inteligent, thanks for doing this post!!!

  9. I saw the post and I also Google it to check exactly what they are talking about and I read this,now I'm very confused and I do t know what to do and who to believe. Please help

    1. Did you read the article? Whats there to be confused about?

  10. I believe we give the devil too much credit in our lives... The devil comes to steal kill and destroy... He steals our peace, our joy... and allowing such to stop you from living peacefully... you are giving him credit.

    I believe in intention... you can say lol in relation to praising Lucifer... You can say it in relation to expressing how you are feeling at that time...

    The intention that you have in using lol is what matters... I'm African and at some point... I was taught that Rock in itself is devilish until I came across Christian Rock that ministers to me as a Christian...

    INTENTION... What is your intention?

    1. That's the word INTENTION.

  11. Excellent article, and well thought out reasons for writing this article, with clear pastoral concerns Marcos! I knew that this subject is totally absurd, and i'm sick of the ignorance in the church as it is, and i initially read your article when i found it on google, after one of my family members put up a post in our closed social media group concerning the same. of course i told them that these are ignorant claims we need to be aware of, and i checked online to see how far the silliness of this situation has escalated - which is when i found your article. Well thought out rationales and a sound advice on this subject from clear Scriptural basis. Thanks for putting this up! Forwarding it.... God bless

    1. thanks for the feedback and affirmation! May God continue to bless you as well :D

  12. Whatever meaning you attach to a thing base on your belief is what that thing is. To me "Lol" means: Lots of Love! And that is it!

  13. This is a eye opening article.
    Christians all over the world should be informed about it.


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