Good News for Anxious Adventists

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To those who are called, sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ... (Jude 1)
It is God who sanctifies. This is the promise of Jude 1. It is he who calls us to himself and then fits us for himself. Sanctification is not the work of man but of God. In fact, we do not even come to God of our own volition. He calls us. He initiates the relationship. We respond and then he sanctifies us. However, the process of sanctification is a messy one, like a baby learning how to walk we constantly fall. Let we lose our hope Jude adds: 
and preserved in Jesus Christ...
We need not fear our imperfections, shortfalls, and failures. If we have been called we are being sanctified and if we are called we are also preserved through the sanctification process. However, we are not preserved in sanctification or in our improvements but in Jesus Christ. Sanctification, while non-negotiable for the Christian, is never the basis of salvation. Jesus is. We are preserved in him. A Christian is one who has been called by God, is being sanctified by God, and is preserved in Jesus Christ. Throughout my life I have met Adventists place their assurance in their sanctification which, in many cases, leads to spiritual burnout. But thankfully our hope of heaven is not based on how holy we become in this life but on how holy Jesus was in his. We are preserved in Christs holiness, never our own. As Ellen White said, 
We cannot say, “I am sinless,” till this vile body is changed and fashioned like unto His glorious body [the second coming]. But if we constantly seek to follow Jesus, the blessed hope is ours of standing before the throne of God without spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; complete in Christ, robed in his righteousness and perfection {ST March 23, 1888, par. 13}.

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