Top 11 Sermons Ever

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Below is a list of the top 11 sermons I have ever heard. Although 2-11 are not necessarily in order of best to least best, number 1 certainly belongs where it is. Unfortunately, it is in Spanish so those who don't understand will have to pray for the gift of tongues (or get an interpreter). Either way, I pray these sermons bless you as they have blessed me. 

11. How to Deal With Invisible Shame by Peter Gregory

10. How Great is Our God by Louie Giglio

9. If God is So Good by Herb Montgomery

8. The Handwriting on the Wall by Billy Graham

7. Mere Adventism by David Asscherick

6. War Stories by Henry Wright

5. The Joyful Adventist by Jeffrey Rosario

4. Standing Still in a Storm (part 2) by Walter Pearson

3. Standing Still in a Storm (part 1) by Walter Pearson

2. Why Jesus Could Never Keep a Crowd by Francis Chan*

1. Como El Buen Pastor by Alejandro Bullon (sorry its in Spanish, but its seriously the best ever!)

*The actual title of this sermon is not given. I gave it my own title based on the content.

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