Stop Trying. Start Knocking.

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I am the Door. Those who come in by me will be saved; they will come in and go out and find pasture. - Jesus, The Gospel of John 10:9

What you just read are the words of Jesus. For some of you they might be familiar and for some of you they might be a bit strange. Door? Saved? Pasture? What in the world is all that? Allow me to explain: In this passage Jesus is talking to a group of dudes who thought they were “holier than thou.” They went to church, were gun-ho about the truth, and obeyed all the commandments. Because of this they thought that they were going to heaven, but according to Jesus they were wrong. You see, in order to enter heaven you have to go through the door and Jesus said  "I am the door." Not the church. Not church doctrine. Not good behavior. Jesus.

I am not saying that the church and its teachings are a waste of time or that good behavior is not important. The Bible is clear that God wants us to be a part of his church, to teach and believe the truth and to live lives of obedience. But what Jesus is saying is that those things, important as they may be, are not the door to heaven. The only door by which you and I can enter heaven is through the door that is Jesus Christ. And when you go through that door; when you encounter that person, he promises you will find pasture. In other words: you will be satisfied.

There’s nothing worse than being unsatisfied. It’s a fancy word for being “lost.” You look here, you look there. You go left you go right. Nothing seems to quench your thirst. Money, relationships, even religion. You donate money to the church. You help out in every event they have, you do everything perfectly and yet you still feel like you are out in the cold, wet rain. You want to come inside but you can’t. You've exerted yourself, pushed yourself, disciplined yourself. Still lost. You've prayed, fasted, and clenched your fists. Still lost. The solution? Stop trying. Start knocking.

The door to heaven, the door to fulfillment, and the door to satisfaction is not a block of wood or a piece of metal hinged on a brick wall. It Is a person. Think about that for a moment: the door to a life filled with satisfaction is a person who loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. It is that relationship with God that is the only true source of joy and heaven. So whoever you are and whatever you're doing to try and get happiness, satisfaction, and eternal life, stop. Don’t waste your time anymore. Just knock on the door. When you do you will find that your fist, rather than pounding painfully upon a heavy gate, will land softly upon the chest of God.
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