My 200th Blog Post!

So today marks the 200th blog post on Jesus, Adventism, and I. I'm struggling to decide what to write about for my epic 200th post. I really want it to be something profound. Something that will rock people. And why wouldn't I? It is, after all, my 200th post! But the reality is, as Alejandro Bullon once said, "if you want to hear something profound I am sorry to disappoint you but I have nothing more profound to say than this: God loves you."*

That's a mind blowing statement for a Seventh-day Adventist. We pride ourselves in the profound. We identify ourselves by the unfathomed. We are cognitive by nature. We squirm at the superficial and approve of the intriguing, thoughtful, and stimulating. We are a people of the book. We joyfully dig into the uncharted and often ignored territory of the Old Testament sanctuary, its shadows, types, and symbols. We devour anything that gives us a deeper understanding of the apocalyptic literature that has, from our first breath in the Millerite movement, enraptured our imaginations. The quest of time delineated in the writings of Daniel and Revelation make our hearts beat. 1888 keeps our eyes wide open. We dissect Romans and Galatians as we relive the experience of Luther. We boldly proclaim righteousness by faith and define the intricacies of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our libraries are filled with the writings of one of Protestantisms finest and most circulated authors - Ellen White, and our minds are filled with great knowledge. And yet the most profound thing I can tell you on this my 200th blog post is this: God loves you.

Yes its true. I am a senior theology major at Southern Adventist University, one of Adventisms finest schools. I have learned Greek and Hebrew, SDA history, exegesis, homiletics, the Old and New Testaments, Daniel and currently Revelation, beginner, intermediate, and currently advanced biblical preaching, evangelism, ministry, am a ministerial extern at a local church, and have taken a year of Christian theology with the brilliant Steven Bauer. All of it has been amazing. All of it has been unforgettable. And yet, one thing still blows my mind. One thing still rocks my world. God loves me. God loves you. It doesn't get any deeper than that.


* Alejandro Bullon is a retired Spanish Seventh-day Adventist evangelist and arguably the best evangelist the SDA church ever had. The quotation is a translated paraphrase from one of his many sermons.