Hungry (part 4): The Yearning of the Human Soul

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I have a weird way of thinking. When I look at Jesus saying, "blessed are those who hunger and thirst..." it’s almost as if he’s saying, “happy are those who are starving and dehydrated.” Now of course, Jesus is talking spiritually not literally. But when you are starving literally it’s because you lack food. When you are thirsting literally it’s because you lack water. So when you are hungering and thirsting spiritually what is it that you lack? What is it that you are missing? 

Daniel was an Army buddy of mine. One day Daniel asked, “Marcos, what’s your secret? Why are you always happy?” Like most other guys his age, Daniel was a party boy. He went clubbing and drinking and had a good time dancing with the ladies. But when he got home, he told me, and the night was over – the party lights had turned off, the ladies had gone home, the music stopped - it was then that he would become painfully aware that he was starving and dehydrated. He was craving and thirsting for something, but he didn’t know what. And one day he saw me and he knew that whatever I had that’s exactly what he was looking for. The truth is, it wasn’t just something I had. It was also something that had me. It was Jesus. That's the secret of my joy.  I have Jesus. Jesus has me. It is a relationship with Jesus Christ, the God of heaven and earth and creator of my soul. And the greatest need of this hungry, thirsty world is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I guess that is what Jesus had in mind when he said, "blessed are those who hunger and thirst..." If you never experienced hunger you would starve to death and never even feel it. If you never experienced thirst you would die of dehydration and never even know what was wrong. Hunger and thirst are painful and uncomfortable, but without them we would die. In the same way, we would never look for love and relationships if we never experienced loneliness. We would never look for God unless God placed within us a hunger and thirst that only he can satisfy. Relationship. That's what the human soul craves. Love, that is what the human soul thirsts after. Not just any old relationship. Not just any old love. It is a love relationship with God that we so desperately desire. 
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