Hungry (part 3): For The Dry, Desiccated, and Parched.

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Jesus doesn’t just say "blessed are those who hunger" He says "blessed are those who hunger and thirst." And in the same way that we westerners don't know hunger, we don't know thirst either. The Jews did. They lived in the desert. In the desert water is valuable. Imagine with me for a moment. You are sitting in a church in Africa. It’s 110 degrees outside. There’s no AC in the church. You are sweaty and thirsty. However, there’s not a single faucet in the entire region. There’s no Wal-Mart with Smart Water on the shelf. There’s no river or lake for miles. And it hasn't rained all year long. Where are you going to get water from? You would have to walk for miles to the nearest well and by the time you get there your mouth would feel like sandpaper. You see, when Jesus said “happy are those who thirst” he wasn’t just talking about a casual thirst. He was talking about a painful thirst.

Have you ever been so thirsty that it hurt? You may be inclined to say no, but before you do allow me to remind you that not all thirst is physical. And now let me ask you again, have you ever been so thirsty that it hurt? Have you ever been so lonely that it hurt? Have you ever been so empty like your life was heading nowhere, so desperate for love and acceptance, or so dissatisfied with everything in your life that it hurt? There are many people in our society who are thirsty. Dry. Desiccated. Parched. On the outside they smile but on the inside they wither. Silent troubles plague them. Anxiety ravages their soul. The live without energy, motivation, or passion. Some days are better than others. A trip to the psychologist makes things brighter for some time, but at the end of the day they are thirsty and it hurts. Man, does it hurt.

In light of all of this, How could Jesus possibly say "blessed are those who hunger and thirst"? Could it be because it is through the hunger that we discover real food? Could it be that through the thirst that we discover living water? Could it be that that discovery leads us right into the arms of God?
Hungry (part 3): For The Dry, Desiccated, and Parched. Hungry (part 3): For The Dry, Desiccated, and Parched. Reviewed by Pastor Marcos on October 18, 2013 Rating: 5

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