The Only Way to Change the World

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A few weeks ago I received a very vigorous and passionate response to one of the articles I wrote on the dangers of Christians engaging in conspiracy theorizing. The author of the email clearly disagreed with my position. His main thesis, as it appeared to me, was that conspiracy theories afford us as Christians the opportunity to stand for social justice. If we ignore, for example, the conspiracies surrounding 9/11 then we will be allowing an unjust government to get away with unethical practices that have resulted in the death of innocent civilians in conflicts like the Afghan war. We must provide justice for the innocent and the only way to do that is to expose the governments secrets and deceptions and hold them accountable.

His position is undoubtedly rational. However, I disagreed with him on one simple assumption -  that unless one engages in conspiracy theorizing one cannot stand up for social justice. To avoid retyping my position I will paste an excerpt from my response here:
Christians should not be so na├»ve as to embrace the things of this world blindly and assume that everyone and everything is peachy. That would be an extreme. The opposite extreme is to waste my time in researching everything that Obama and the UN are up to. Was 911 and inside job or not? Here is my answer: I don’t care. This world is not my home. Heaven is my home.... I am not interested in reforming America or in bringing our country back to the “good old days” of small government etc. The Bible is clear in Daniel 2, the kingdoms of this world will be destroyed by the kingdom of God, and therefore, my responsibility is to invite people into that kingdom and out of this one... In the meantime, I will do what I can to stay the tide of evil, to lift Jesus up and proclaim his love, grace, and judgment but I will not entrust myself to the theories and stories of other men who supposedly have some inside knowledge about a government or secret society that is going to be burned up and thrown into the lake of fire anyways. I want to focus on the eternal kingdom, the one that has no end.
In short, my position is simple. I was actively engaged in the "Save Darfur" movement back in 04-07(ish) and did everything I was capable of doing to raise awareness for the people of Darfur and be a voice on their behalf, however, not once did I have to engage in conspiracy theories regarding that event. What about holding leaders accountable? While I rejoice, as do many others, when officials who have abused their power are brought to justice I also recognize that there are many cases that never will be solved this side of heaven. Some government cover-ups are so well done that wasting my energy to expose them is useless. Why? Because at the end of the day the Kingdom of Christ is all that ultimately matters. Therefore, I choose to leave the conspiracy theorizing to those whose only hope of a better tomorrow is centered in making this world a better place. But that is not my worldview. My hope for the morrow is not centered on politics, government, or economics but in the return of the rightful King of this world - Jesus Christ. So while I am all for social action I always remind myself that the only thing that is ultimately going to change this world is the return of Jesus. This means that while I am active in feeding the hungry and defending the weak my main focus is not social reform but preaching the gospel so that the end may come. Preparing humanity for the second coming of Jesus is singlehandedly the only way to change the world. With that focus in mind I find absolutely no need to brew over government secrets. Not everyone may agree, but that is where I stand.

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