The Fitness-Driven Church - My Response to an Article in Christianity Today

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As an SDA Christian, health and wholeness are a big part of my theology and lifestyle. Adventists have long rejected the dualistic view of man prevalent in many Christian churches. This view basically teaches that God only cares about the spiritual and not the physical and that the physical has no relation to the spiritual whatsoever - or very little. So I was supper excited to read the following article in Christianity Today which talks about the growing support for a healthy lifestyle in the evangelical world, in some cases including the rejection of unclean meats as SDA's do. It also talks about the rejection of the dualistic worldview that originated in Greek philosophy and has influenced many theologians for centuries. And of course, it places a great emphasis on balance regarding the whole issue. My only complaint when it comes to health and Christianity is that very often, within and without the SDA church, we treat health as physical or spiritual while ignoring the emotional, social, and psychological aspects of health (among others). I believe God wants us to be healthy. That doesn't mean simply not smoking and using drugs or harmful foods, it also means loving yourself, being emotionally stable, socially active etc. In short, health is much bigger than diet and exercise. Ultimately, I do not believe anyone can be holistically healthy without a true understanding and embrace of the gospel. The gospel has a way of healing our lives unlike anything else. 

Anyways, good stuff!