What the Sabbath Means to Me

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You ever wonder what it was like when Adam and Eve kept the Sabbath? I mean, think about it. The Bible says in Genesis chapter two that God finished his work of creation and rested on the seventh day. God never gets tired so he obviously wasn't resting because he was tired. He was resting because he wanted to sit back and enjoy his creation. Now Adventists love to say that the Sabbath wasn't for Gods rest but for mans rest. There's a half truth to that but the reality is that Adam and Eve were the very last thing created in Eden. They didn't do anything to help create the world and yet they got to rest on the Sabbath as well. What were they resting from? They didn't do anything! Obviously Adam and Eve weren't resting because they were tired. They were resting because creation was finished and even though they had nothing to do with it they got to sit back and enjoy creation and creator. It was a day of rest, not to recover from physical exhaustion, but to enjoy the goodness of God. Growing up I always viewed the Sabbath as simply a day of cant-do-anything. But Jesus came to undo that and show us that Sabbath rest is not about what you do or don't do, its about enjoying creation and creator without any distractions.

A few weeks ago my wife and I went to Olive Garden to eat. While there, she observed a family having dinner. None of them were talking to each other. Why? They were all too busy on their cellphones - the whole time! How sad. A family cant even spend quality time together because they are on their cellphones. What they needed to do was put the cell phones away, forget abut Angry Birds and Facebook, and just relax and enjoy the fact that they were together. This is what keeping the Sabbath properly is all about. Its not about what you can and cant do, its about spending 24 hours of quality time with God without the distractions that are around us all week (bills, sports, work, school, etc.). Its about enjoying creation and creator in an intimate way. Its about 24 hours where you can be dead to the world and all of its stresses and just chill. Man, I love it.


  1. I had always enjoyed the Sabbath since my childhood. Infact I look forward to it always. It was a time where I can read a lot of books, " our Little Friend" especially...visit my friends and go for nature walk,(I could hear my sister singing taking her kids hand, "come lets go for a walk today and see what God has done..) visit the sick at their homes, an old friend, to hospital with adults and their sunshine band singing, or just fellowship singing (because I loved singing-my favorite past time) we sang all the time...AM/PM etc all week and the year round, went camping and learn about many things, pathfinders I truly enjoyed, we had bible verses games during the Sabbath hours, memory verses and action songs especially "missionary Volunteers::-) and countless activities. To this day it is still fresh in my memories all the Sabbath vespers, opening/closing of the Sabbath, we had it even just anywhere while walking...we sang by the river side, we went to community centers and did many activities and I still missed it up to this day. Sometimes on Sabbath I went with my dad visiting some lamb shelters in the woods, I learned to cross on logs across the little rivers, cross the hanging bridges across large rivers, (My dad was so enjoyable...had many stories to tell) listen to the birds in the woods, and saw many types of plants etc...endless...after the closing of the Sabbath we dispersed to start our secular jobs...but sometimes we had social games after the Sabbath hours....I could just go on and on...
    Sometime ago a lady said she is free from the bondage of the Sabbath for 33 years..she no longer have to keep it for Jesus has done it all on the cross...another lady said the Sabbath preparation is making her depressed...just could not catch up with it and she is hating it...In my childhood my parents divided our chores to prepare for the Sabbath from Sunday onwards and all the priorities that need to be done first...by Friday we were done, took our shower, waited for mom and dad, ate our supper...the most exciting for us...it was all smiles:-) I loved it!

    1. Hi anonymous!

      Thanks for sharing! Thats a beautiful story about how the Sabbath was such an enjoyable event for you growing up. It wasnt so hot for me, lol. Not terrible, but not great either. However, as I grew older I have discovered that the Sabbath is not meant to be a terrible day. Its not even meant to be a great day. Its meant to be a special day. Many Adventist love the Sabbath because its a day of rest, others dread it because they approach it legalistically, but few realize just what the Sabbath means and how special it is. It is because of this that I have met people who had great Sabbath experiences growing up but stopped keeping the Sabbath anyways when they got older - after all, any day can be fun right? But discovering what the Sabbath represents in scripture has shown me just how special a day it is and that is awesome.

      On any note, thanks so much for sharing this beautiful message. It was nice to read :)


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