What I have Learned (and Unlearned) About Catholics

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Having grown up protestant I never knew much about Catholics except what other people told me. I remember as a kid thinking that Catholics just didn't know anything (and by anything I meant their Bibles). To me Catholics were idolaters, un-Christian, and superstitious. I now have come to realize that that description is actually a good description of me (but more on that some other time). Over the years I have come to realize that much of what I thought about Catholics is wrong. Not only are they wonderful Christians, but they are in many cases better Christians than many I know in my own church.

Take my aunt and uncle for example. They are devout Catholics. Their faith in God is so beautiful and strong that I just love to hear them talk about Jesus. They go to church every day and devote themselves to Gods work in ways I have yet to match. Their reason? "Its just a small sacrifice compared to Jesus sacrifice for us" says my uncle. Wow. How beautiful.

Another thing I have noticed is that many of the arguments against Catholicism can also be applied to Protestants. Many Protestants will point fingers at Catholics because of their history in crusades and persecution of other Christians but history shows that Protestants are guilty of many horrendous crimes against Catholics in the name of God. Both Catholics and Protestants have a history and its unfair to exploit that history just to make a church look bad. As an SDA I attest that there are many aspects of our history that I find shameful but what bugs me more is when critics appeal to these facts as though their church's history is somehow perfect or when they appeal to these facts as though they are the core of Adventism. I have resolved to be extremely careful with how I use history when analyzing faith groups from now on - especially Catholics.

Finally, I have also discovered that some of the Catholic doctrines that I disagreed with are actually OK. The only reason why I disagreed with them is because I had a misguided view of what some of these teachings were. But after becoming better acquainted with some of their teachings I have taken some of the anti-Catholic doctrine arguments and thrown them into the garbage pile of imprudence. There is nothing worse than misrepresenting someones teachings while arguing against them. The way I see it is if it is of God it will prevail, if it is not it will fail.

While I may not agree with all of Catholic doctrine I have certainly come to appreciate the faith that many of its adherents hold. A lot of the attacks against them are extremely misguided. To use such unreliable information to attack a faith group is nothing more than slander which the Bible wholly condemns. If I am going to disagree with Catholics I must do so on the basis of theology, not on whether or not the Church did shady things in the past. Catholics are wonderful people and I look forward to spending more time with them here on earth and in heaven when Jesus returns.


  1. Ahhhh! God bless you dear! This was tremendously sweet and humble. You are a man of God Marcos.

    1. Thanks Teresa! As I mentioned to you before, I have learned a lot from our friendly debates :)


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