The Pre-Advent Judgment 10: What Difference Does it Make?

As noted earlier, the pre-advent judgment teaches that the final judgment will take place before the second coming of Christ. During this judgment the lives of every person, both believers and unbelievers alike, will be investigated. However, why does God need to investigate if He already knows everything? Martin Weber faced this same question while studying the topic of the pre-Advent judgment. He writes:
One evening we met in my living room to debate the judgment of 1844 in heaven's sanctuary. Perhaps we had our Bibles open but our minds closed, because we didn't seem to be getting anywhere. Finally one of my friends turned to me in exasperation. “Tell me honestly, what difference does it make? I know I'm accepted in Christ, so what difference does it make whether or not there's a judgment going on in heaven now?”[1] 
The first point we need to make in all of this is that “…the judgment is not for God’s information…. God knows each of our hearts already.”[2] So then, what is the judgment for? Before that question is answered, a few more questions need to be asked. When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden by eating the forbidden fruit, God’s first reaction was to enter the garden and ask Adam where he was.[3] Why would God do this? Did God not know where Adam was? After Cain killed Abel, God’s first reaction once again was to ask Cain where Abel was.[4] Did not the all-knowing God know where Abel was? This scenario of “investigation” repeats itself over and over again in scripture and quite soon it becomes clear that the investigation is not for Gods benefit. Therefore, if the judgment is not for God’s benefit then logically it must be for the benefit of His creation as we will now see.

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