The Great UnDisappointment

October 22, 1844 was a day of disappointment, failure, pain, and disillusion for the group that would later turn into the early Adventists. 171 years later, has initiated a project called The Great UnDisappointment which highlights the positive ways the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been a Great UNdisappointment for us millennials.

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Why is the church failing to reach this generation? The answer is found in Jesus' own words.

The Southern Baptist Church Rejects "Heaven is for Real" for "Theological Reasons"

Its cool to see that the Southern Baptist churches are not falling for the "Near Death Experience" stories that are being published left and right. At a recent convention they affirmed "'the sufficiency of Scripture regarding the afterlife' and criticized best-selling movies and books that have focused on heaven and suggested descriptions of it." "'Many of these books and movies have sought to describe heaven from a subjective, experiential source, mainly via personal testimonies that cannot be corroborated,' they said."

Episode 3 of The Record Keeper Posted on YouTube

Episode 3 of The Record Keeper was posted on YouTube and it is fantastic! I really hope to see the whole project released someday. If you would like to help get it released you can sign the petition here.

Clifford Goldstein's Faith Story: From Atheism to Jesus

I Am Now a Writer for TheHaystack.TV!

I recently became one of the writers at TheHaystack.TV and am super stoked about it. If you would like to follow my posts you can check me out there! My first post is already up and I'll be adding content every week. Here is a snippet from their site that explains what is all about:

Making Sense of Adventism: Faith-Journey of an Adventist Blogger

Do you have to be absolutely perfect in order to be saved? Is it wrong to have fun on the Sabbath? How can we say we are saved by grace and also say that those who don’t keep the Sabbath in the last days will be lost? Was Ellen White obsessed with obedience? How do we reconcile the cross of Christ with the doctrine of the Investigative Judgment? What does it mean to be “perfect”? How should Christians relate to Conspiracy Theories? Are Adventists even Christians? What do former or non-Adventists think about God and our church? What exactly is wrong with going to the theater? And what is the right way to worship?